Samsung gives you another reason to leave your old pc

Project description

Have the faults of your PC become unbearable, but you are too fond of it to say goodbye? This is the reasoning behind the TI LASCIO initiative by SAMSUNG, which helps people to leave their old PC without hurting their feelings. To diffuse the initiative and get users interested, the main "excuses for breakages", which initially seem geared to a person rather than a computer, are shared on the social channels. A series of viral videos also communicates the story of those who have succeeded in doing so: how they were able to leave their PC, the excuses they used, the “reactions” of the devices to the news and how, at the end, they stayed friends.

At last, users can leave their PC on the dedicated platform it is suffice to write a farewell message and share a photo or a video which shows how they recycled it. For those who have made room in their heart, there are coupons to purchase the Galaxy Tab S and Note Pro tablets and the chance to win the new Galaxy Tab S. is developed in responsive design, to be usable through any device.


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