From old media to mobiles: Pininfarina strengthens its position in the digital world with an all-embracing project

Project description

Elegance, purity, innovation. This is the claim that meets visitors to the home page of the Pininfarina corporate site. The portal has a very striking graphical impact, that is captivating and involving, focused on the company’s ideas, projects and people. The site’s strategic concept is its innovative approach to the organisation and presentation of the content: the agency took its inspiration from storytelling logics and the principles of British and American journalism, imagining and creating a dynamic digital platform, which blends the simplicity and tradition typical of the “analogical” use of old media with the interactiveness of the new digital interfaces of today’s mobile devices.

The portal describes what Pininfarina is, what it does, how it does it and why: each project is a story – a design story – which, thanks to the organisation of the content, and the wealth of graphical and multimedia elements, guides the user in an exciting exploration, a fascinating journey between past and future, constantly discovering new things. The project includes an online store that is elegant and user-friendly, reinforcing the brand’s presence on the web.

In 2012 the Pininfarina site won a coveted prize in the competition organised by Premio Web Italia, in the “special enterprise” category.


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