Web, social and mobile communication strategy for Liftissime, Lierac’s new skin care line

Project description

The digital project conceived and put in place to launch Lierac’s new product line Liftissime on the Italian market draws its inspiration from the name, the concept and hashtag of the Issime Club. To flank the traditional advertising campaign created for the well known Alès Groupe brand, the agency has developed a digital marketing plan that uses several channels to obtain women consumer involvement on a 360-degree basis.

During the teaser stage, users flocked to the brand’s Facebook page to participate in a competition that provided a few clues but did not yet unveil the new skin care product line. Users were asked to describe what made them feel “Issime”: a specially designed Facebook app enabled them to create digital stickers, which they could share with friends.

This was followed by the launch of a new site dedicated to the innovative product line, which, in addition to highlighting the properties of the various creams with powerful graphic effects, played to the heart of current and potential Lierac consumers, inviting them to enrol in the exclusive Issime Club and enter an instant win competition by sending in a selfie. Furthermore, the Lierac app previously developed by the agency has acquired a new section about Liftissime. The entire digital strategy was supported by an online advertising campaign in media catering to the target population.


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