A wealth of advice and tools to accompany mums and dads as their children grow

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Project description

The new Pampers App developed by the agency is a 360-degree journey to the Pampers world. Available on iOS and Android, the Pampers App is comprised of seven sections, each of them designed to meet specific needs. Support and Help can be found in Mum Advisor, the virtual space where to “meet” and get advice from Pampers experts, and in the Pampersometer, a valuable tool displaying growth curves and percentiles to help parents keep track of the progress of their child. Fun and entertainment are the keywords characterising the Lullabies and Fairy Tales section, which features fantastic illustrated audio stories, the Games section of new design, and the Rattle section, which converts any smartphone into a fun jingling toy. Exhaustive information on Pampers products is given in the Products section, and information on not-to-be-missed promotions is provided in the Competitions section. Useful, entertaining and intuitive, the Pampers App accompanies parents as their little ones grow, day after day.


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