La Martina is not a polo fashion brand, it is polo

Project description

La Martina is polo. This is the concept that underlies the design of a new website, fully responsive and inspired by the world of polo, its signs and colours, its stars. From the very start, from the home page, we discover the two souls of the brand through two parallel experiences, two emotional videos playing in the background: on the right we explore the world of Polo Players, the most innovative products, polo events, the champions who serve as La Martina ambassadors; on the left we gain access to the Lifestyle world, with the collections, the international partners of the brand and, again, the events, for a circular experience that gets across the affinity of two worlds that have some common DNA. In the inner sections we discover the style, the heritage and the tradition of a family company, the history of a brand born of the centuries-old tradition of polo, its ambassadors, the collection, the best in technical equipment, the events, until, finally, we enter the stores where polo becomes lifestyle.


Via Varallo, 22/A
10153 Turin - Italy
P. +39 0115154600
FAX +39 0115154660

Via Melzi D'Eril, 34
20154 Milan - Italy
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FAX. +39 0231830833

Mauro Di Rosa


Franco Di Rosa