A web app developed for DMAX to promote rugby through the use of “Munarismi”

Project description

This user-friendly web app has been designed as a means to promote rugby by drawing upon the ironic and simpatico personality of a protagonist of this sport: rugby player turned TV commentator Vittorio Munari. This fun and viral project was kicked off with the 2015 edition of the RBS 6 Nations, the rugby championship broadcast on an exclusive basis and streamed live on dmax.it.

Taking its cue from the entertaining phenomenon of the so-called “Munarismi” – idioms born of the colourful and original sports-technical language used by Munari during his TV shows, the agency created and developed a new responsive web app, which may be accessed both from the Facebook page and from the website of Dmax Italia. Thanks to the new app, users can generate with a click countless combinations of phrases based on original quotes by Vittorio Munari: through a random process, the commentator’s words are mixed and combined to give rise to original and entertaining “nonsense” citations, which may be shared via Twitter cards and on Facebook pages.


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