The Italian spirit invades the World Cup with la Gazzetta dello sport

Project description

Gazzetta voices the passion for the Italian football team and the World Cup, through the initiative #iotifoazzurro, an integrated communications project which involves fans and sponsors before and during the World Cup, with on and off line engagement mechanisms. Goal? Make fans feel as if they are at the football stadium, united in the Italian spirit and induce them to declare their passion with Gazzetta, a full-fledged institution for football fanatics.

There are two stages of development, pre and during the World Cup: the first, #facciamoliazzurri, is an off and on line campaign which shows several symbols of Brazil like the Maracanà stadium or the beaches of Rio "blue coloured" and which invites the fans to conquer Brazil with the Italian football team. How? By showing their faith for the Italian Football Team on the dedicated website, transforming their photo into a true fan and taking their place on the stands of a virtual football stadium; the users can also win a prize offered by the Sponsors and take part in the final draw for a portable PC, by simply answering a quiz on the Italian football team.

On 12 June, the opening day of the World Cup, for the first time in its history, la Gazzetta will be blue, a memorable operation which will involve all fans of Italy.

The second phase of the initiative entitled #promessemondiali begins with the start of the World Cup. It invites fans to demonstrate they are willing to do anything for their team, by choosing online one of the original sacrificial promises in the event of the Italians winning the Cup. A viral video will reveal who has kept their promises…


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