The Fiat 500L is a real experience

Project description

The strategic approach that the agency chose for this new car’s worldwide launch campaign focused on a totally innovative concept: to create a car that could be explored in full size, 1:1. The result is a unique, exciting web experience: the visitor can sample the car as if it were close to him and real, within reach; he can discover its details and secrets in a new way, in a game of multimedia exploration.

With a simple click or opening out his fingers on the screen, a gesture that corresponds to an L, the user can explore the exterior and interior, zooming on the various details and analysing the car’s qualities through the hotspots which can be filtered on the basis of four categories: Large, Light, Link and Loft. Clicking on the points marked with the + symbol, activates the contents that illustrate the car’s specific characteristics with photos, videos, graphic animation and copy.


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