With the mobile app developed for Lierac beauty moves with you

Project description

Discover the promotions in the chemist closest to you, note the reminders in the diary and be updated on the latest cosmetic treatments directly on your smartphone. From today you can navigate easily and just a touch away on iPhone and Android with the app designed for Lierac, the well-known beauty brand of the Alès Groupe. It has been developed around the concept of providing the community of current and potential consumers of Lierac products with a digital tool to receive and share personalised information on the treatments.

By signing up, in the section Essere bella sempre, it is possible to have a check-up of your facial and body skin and discover the products best suited to you: all the information on the test and suggestions on the products are stored in the area Il mio diario. The Promo, the section dedicated to the special initiatives and from which to download the coupons to present in the chemists to receive discounts, are all in full view. To find the one closest to you simply click on Beauty places and the geo-localization system will tell you where they are.


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